Progressive slot machines are a group of several slot machines linked together by a network. Progressive jackpots provide you a chance to win really big. The large progressive jackpot is created by taking a percentage of the money that's played in the machine. As more and more people play, the jackpot grows until someone gets the winning symbol and wins it all. There are three types of progressive jackpots, and you can find them at brick and mortar and online casinos alike.

Stand Alone Progressive: The stand alone progressive jackpot is not linked to any other slot machines. There isn't a fixed jackpot, but rather a percentage of the money played adds to the jackpot which is awarded to the person who hits the winning combination. This type of progressive slot has a meter on the front which indicates the jackpot amount. Generally with this type of jackpot, the payback is equal to the other machines with that denomination, but the payback is distributed differently so there is a varying amount for the top prize. The progressive jackpot for this machine, logically, is much less than the jackpot for machines that are linked together. You can try out this type of jackpot at JackpotCity Casino.

Proprietary Progressives: Proprietary progressive slot machines are machines that are linked together and are owned and operated by the same casino. These slots could either be in one single casino, but they could also be in several different casinos if the gaming company owns more than one online casino. This type of jackpot can be quite substantial. Of course this varies from casino to casino, but generally this type of jackpot many not provide you a multi-million dollar win, but they are won fairly frequently and are quite lucrative.

Wide Area Progressive: Wide area progressive slots are machines that offer the million dollar jackpots, the jackpots that will change your life. These machines aren't operated by a single casino or gaming company, but rather by an independent operator. Examples of these progressive jackpots are MegaBucks or Quatermania. While the casinos certainly do share in a percentage of the winnings, the operator owns the games. The jackpots are very large, so the odds that you'll win it aren't very favorable. Try your luck with one of these at Eurogrand Casino.